3D Printers

Currently, I have two 3D printers, below is some information on them and how to get one.

Original Prusa I3 MK2

This was actually not the first printer I ever bought, but is at this moment the oldest I still have. I use it for every day prints, and it has been a bit modified to fit in a lack table.
Currently waiting for the four colour upgrade, so I can finish up my lack enclosure .

Ultimaker 3

My real work horse. Used when I need high quality prints, or prints that require difficult support. Currently only one that can do dual extruction, but that will be fixed soon.

Want some 3D printed parts?

Sure, I have a 3DHubs hub, so you can order from there:
Order a 3D Print
Please keep in mind that in general you should order locally, I do not send parts to outside of the Netherlands!