Making the RC @3DBenchy by Thullen: Part 4, Putting it together

A few weeks ago at 3D Meetup Sweden I saw the RC Benchy designed by Thullen. Once I saw it I thought it was a great project, and as such I decided to build one.
Today we are putting everything together, and looking at the inside of the benchy.

In the next video we will do the very first tryout in actual waters, and having the final conclusions.

Orignal model:
Mini bulk head:

Arduino code:
Arduino model:

Filament used:
White & Black: MakerPoint
Woodfill: Colorfabb
Blue: eSun
All printed on a Original Prusa MK2.

Electronics needed: (There is also a list by Thullen at , but I replaced several parts from that list).

Battery: Banggood
Battery charger: Banggood (I also used this power supply)
Remote control: Banggood HobbyKing
Linkage set: Banggood
Brushless motor: Banggood
Round brass tube: Hobbyking
Metal brass rod: Hobbyking
Servo: Hobbyking
Speedcontroller (ESC): Hobbyking
Drive shaft: Aliexpress

Please note that the boat has been fully tested yet, and I am not responsible for the completeness/correctness of this list.

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