Making the RC @3DBenchy by Thullen: Part 2, Glueing everything together

A few weeks ago at 3D Meetup Sweden I saw the RC Benchy designed by Thullen. Once I saw it I thought it was a great project, and as such I decided to build one.
Today we are glueing everything together to make it one great model.

In the upcoming video’s we will be painting the model and putting it togeter/testing it.

Orignal model:
Mini bulk head:

Arduino code:
Arduino model:

Filament used:
White & Black: MakerPoint
Woodfill: Colorfabb
Blue: eSun
All printed on a Original Prusa MK2.

Electronics needed: (There is also a list by Thullen at , but I replaced several parts from that list).

Battery: Banggood
Battery charger: Banggood (I also used this power supply)
Remote control: Banggood HobbyKing
Linkage set: Banggood
Brushless motor: Banggood
Round brass tube: Hobbyking
Metal brass rod: Hobbyking
Servo: Hobbyking
Speedcontroller (ESC): Hobbyking
Drive shaft: Aliexpress

Please note that the boat has been fully tested yet, and I am not responsible for the completeness/correctness of this list.

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